Future Tides

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The Latest:

In 4 minutes, read my reflection at the conclusion of CUNY’s Entrepreneurial Journalism Creators Program where I spent 100-days exploring how to merge my maritime and media experience: Highs and lows: Finding Future Tides, a new maritime media venture

Future Tides is now on Twitter and Instagram.

What is Future Tides about?

I’m starting something new to serve the recreational and professional mariners who share the waterways in Washington State.

It will launch as a weekly newsletter about new technologies, global maritime innovation and, even in some cases, the traditional maritime methods that can shape a sustainable and equitable future for the Pacific Northwest maritime community.

Three ways to learn more and help:

1. Complete my survey at the link or below.

2. Subscribe to receive Future Tides my weekly maritime innovation newsletter when it launches.

3. Contact me about ideas and partnerships.