Book recs to gift boaters (or for you)

I’m doing some holiday shopping and have read a lot of maritime-related books. Here are a few I highly recommend, plus my tips for book shopping.

The Curve of Time by M. Wylie Blanchet
A frequent recommendation of mine, I love both the subject matter and Blanchet’s writing style. This book even inspired my boat’s name Capi.

The Voyage of the Rose City: An Adventure at Sea, by John Moynihan
One of the first books I discovered through the Seattle Public Library. Also a memoir, but from a young man who drops out of college and signs on as a deckhand on a cargo ship in 1980.

Cinnamon and Gunpowder by Eli Brown
A recommendation from fellow bookish boaters I’m happy to pass along! This novel spices up the predictable pirate adventure. Simply put: a very fun read, especially for food lovers.

Sourcing the books:

  • If you are looking to read one of these yourself, I highly recommend checking the Seattle Public Library first. I almost exclusively use my Kindle for e-books from SPL.
  • I pick up new copies, especially for gifts, from local bookstores. Secret Garden Books and Elliot Bay Books are two favorites. Going in person is a treat but I’ve also ordered online from both. Many local bookshops bolstered their e-commerce options due to the pandemic.
  • For used books, I usually start with Powell’s. In Seattle, I’ve also stopped by Twice Sold Tales and Third Place Books.

Cover images from the Seattle Public Library catalog.