Photos: Washington State’s new maritime high school

Experience Maritime High School’s current campus, STEM class, floating classroom and more. Read more about the inaugural freshman class’s experience.

  • A teacher holds up a stuffed fish as part of a demonstration in front of students.
  • four tanks for growing fish are arranged on one side of a classroom
  • Approx. 15 students seated around tables with tablets and scales
  • A room with tables, woodworking equipment and orange foul weather gear.
  • A hallway with the letters "MHS" and nautical flag decorations.
  • A bunny lays in dirt facing away
  • A sign in front of buildings that reads "Maritime High School"
  • A 40' boat approaches the dock in a marina
  • A boat with two hulls is at the dock, inside the cabin students are seated wearing lifejackets
  • A marina with a parking lot, buildings, two cranes and a pier extending into the water with an island beyond.

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