NOAA’s active uncrewed underwater glider mission near Shilshole Bay

NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Lab, based in Seattle and Newport, Ore., is currently conducting a mission with an uncrewed underwater glider in an area on Puget Sound approximately between Golden Gardens Park and Carkeek Park. The mission is to “advance ocean observing capabilities” and will run through mid-March.

The organization is requesting mariners do not touch the glider if it’s observed on the surface.

CYC Seattle shared this announcement with its members, please continue to help spread the word. A NOAA representative told CYC:

“The glider will be on the surface for 5-10 minute periods every hour to transmit system information via satellite to our office. The remainder of the time will be spent diving to 400 feet or more. The system is being observed by a remote pilot who can send commands to the glider during its surface interval.” 

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