Join me for virtual sailing lessons

Last winter, the Argon crew gathered in Sam’s living room for “indoor winter sailing lessons.” These were a version of what sailing instructors call “chalk talks,” even though chalkboards were long ago replaced by whiteboards and now by screens.

While we won’t be on the water, join me for a virtual sailing lesson!

Between Capi and Argon, I’ve spent the last several years thinking about the same question: “What’s the best way to teach my friends to sail?”

Going sailing and spending time on the water is always my first choice. However, while out sailing some moments are about instruction while others are about sitting back and enjoying the company. I think I’ve gotten better at distinguishing between the two, but sometimes I can’t help but try to squeeze one more teaching moment in.

I do believe chalk talks are still important, even among friends. The triangular boat drawings offer a birds-eye view and you can talk through concepts without having to attend to the steering or sails. You can revisit things explained on the water or introduce a new theory. Hopefully, there are a few “ah-ha!” moments.

So, as this pandemic winter creeps on, I’m going to host two virtual sailing lessons in the next month. The two sessions will have the same lesson plan and, if there is interest, I will host a follow-up lesson later in March. I hope friends and friends-of-friends will join me!

Love a good “wind clock”! A big challenge learning to sail is the lingo but it’s also key for communication on the water.

Here’s what my virtual sailing lesson will cover:

  • My sailing and teaching experience (aka why the hell I’m a good person to listen to on this topic)
  • Basic sailing theory, how to find the wind, parts of a sailboat.
  • The lay of the sailing scene from tall ships to affordable used boats to the new fangled foiling technology.
  • Suggestions on how to start sailing in the Seattle area and other fun ways to get on the water.
  • What to learn or explore next plus, plenty of time for Q&A

To sign up, click below and save the date!

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