This coffee mug makes me mad

I like coffee. I think I love it but, given the people who surround me here in Seattle, my coffee-affection pales in comparison. Whether coffee, tea or whiskey, the fun part is the mug, right?


Your dad’s favorite mug or a silly mug picked up while traveling can sure spice up the morning. There are funny mugs, cheesy mugs, “why did they print that?!” mugs and custom photo mugs. There are so many mugs, some are bound to go wrong.

In my book, this Beyonce mug has gone wrong. I HATE IT.


Image via Pinterest


Why? Well, where shall I begin?

First off, Bey is great and all but she doesn’t have to do her laundry, go grocery shopping or figure out how to shave her legs in a 100-year old bathtub.

Beyonce and her fellow successful celebrities (and even some unsuccessful ones) don’t have to deal with weird utility or insurance billing, call 1-800 numbers, or double check their bank balance before making a purchase.

I also imagine that they don’t decorate,  coordinate gatherings, or lose their socks in the laundry they don’t do. So, each task you accomplish day in and day out, big or small, is still an accomplishment.

Sorry to be a pop culture grinch, but ladies are under enough pressure to “do it all”, they don’t need this smug mug reminder. The good news is that these mugs appear to be “currently unavailable”. Let’s hope it stays that way.

End rant.


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