Pulling into Petersburg

20160828_201619.jpgWe are nearing Petersburg after an evening of winding our way through the Wrangell Natrows. I purchased a wonderful, waterproof map of the Inside Passage and Southeast Alaska. I must have pulled it out and poured over it 10 times today! It also includes stories and unique landmarks such as “Your map maker built a cabin here.”
My book, “Gumboot Girls” (look it up!) has provided an interesting narrative to compliment the wild scenery and remote communities we pass. Wrangell, our last stop, is about the same size as Petersburg. Quiet on a Sunday evening, the presence of fishing and port activities were apparent. There was a small hotel, a handful of shops and a tour company, closed for the day or perhaps the season. Placed in a protected nook among the islands and weaving waterways, Wrangell gave me some idea of what to expect in Petersburg and the surrounding community.
We played cards with a fellow traveller this afternoon, Roy who is relocating from Arkansas. He gave us advice that Ali and I will never forget, all I can say is: 3 + 4=7, E=MC2, you have 4 fingers to read between the lines, stay in reality, atoms are made up of electrons, protons, and neutrons. They move just barely slower than the speed of light. Now we know. Thanks Ron!
Packing up our bags and stowing away our sleeping gear reminded me that this is only the first part of the adventure. So much more know and unknown lays ashore. I am so glad I took the time for this ferry ride. Going forward, I hope to find more unique ways to travel to go with the interesting places I plan to visit.
After our bags were packed I snapped a silly picture of our two, now bare, lounge chairs. Ali admitted she did the same. One of the most comfortable and beautiful places I’ve spent the night on a boat. Until next time, lounge chairs.

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