Forever Friends

A while ago I sent two lovely ladies some well chosen words that I’d thought a lot about. It was scary to seal the envelopes and drop them in.

I love and cherish my friends more than anything. I use to struggle to make friends, perhaps that’s why I cherish them so much. These two, my Z Ladies, have always made me feel treasured, entertained, and welcomed my form of “weird.” Above all, they make me feel comfortable, they make me feel like Cara. Perhaps that’s why I felt bold enough to send them these words, to share with them the part of me that aspires to be a writer.

As I pursue writing I am learning to play with words, to capture emotions, and to speak in a new way. I speak about my past in a new way. These words aren’t quite poetry nor are they lyrical. They are just a wee card’s worth of words:

Forever Friends are something special.
You want only the best for them, this incredible person with whom your bond is so genuine.
Forever Friends may spend much of their lives apart.
They don’t need amusements or status updates.
They give unconditional love with every hug.
Forever Friends will always be a part of who you are, no matter what phase you’re in.
Nothing can replace the memories you’ve shared with them.
So that’s why you are my Forever Friend.

All my love to my Zs.


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