I am a sailor, passionate about being on the water, sharing sailing, and the boating community. Since college, I have regularly contributed to various sailing publications including Sailing Anarchy, Three Sheets Northwest, 48° North Magazine and occasionally covering “boat tech” for GeekWire.

Love Seattle’s Duck Dodge? (Now you don’t have to) Skip it next week. - UPDATE:  I appreciate the DD Race Committee’s reconsideration and response to the July 17th theme I took issue with, they have decided to remove the theme.   Writing to 48° North Sailing Magazine and on my own blog allowed me to reflect and work through my opinion, solidifying my beliefs and ambitions for the Seattle […]
Women’s Day @ the Seattle Boat Show - I had the immense pleasure of scooting out of work early on Monday, January 31 for Women’s Day at the Seattle Boat Show. This was my second year attending and this time it wasn’t just as a female boater but as a reporter. Last year, after about 10 minutes in the audience at the Northwest […]
Nice to meet you, Felicity Ann - This September we enjoyed one of Western Washington’s many festivals that shine a light on the unique culture that has been cultivated here. There’s the Tulip Festival in Burlington, the Lavender Festival in Sequim, Oktoberfest in Leavenworth, Salmon Days in Issaquah and our destination: The Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend. 3 days where boat nerds gather […]
The New Northwest Passage - I could see the towering ice, imagine the unrelenting cold and felt in awe of the Arctic. Yet, the whole time I was sitting at my corner desk, tucked beneath the window and looking out on some of Seattle’s darkest and rainiest days. For two weeks, while writing The New Northwest Passage: Century-old Challenges and Modern […]
Crossfire’s Close Call - While I have sailed across the Pacific, I can’t imagine racing across it; let alone in a 55-foot high-performance custom race boat like Crossfire. Last month, I interviewed navigator Bruce Hedrick and boat manager Nigel Barron about Crossfire‘s 2016 Vic-Maui race and subsequent retirement. The skills, logistics, and dedication required of both boat and crew to participate […]
Lunch with Laura - Last month, I had the opportunity to visit the Portland Yacht Club with 48° North Editor Joe Cline and interview the world’s youngest solo circumnavigator. Most sailors reaction: “Woah, cool.” Most non-sailors reaction: “What does that mean?” It means the quiet and thoughtful 21-year old woman having lunch across the table from me traveled 36,000 […]
Recently Published – The Wiring Whisperer & The Top 10 Sailing Movies - The new year didn’t truly set in for me until mid-January. I’m a little behind, I guess! At the beginning of January my latest profile for 48° North, Dan Hopkins: The Wiring Whisperer, appeared in the January issue of the print magazine. A retired electrician and experienced liveaboard, Dan is a “guiding light” in his community helping […]
Recently Published- The Deep End: A Dinghy Sailor Dives In - Back from the Boat I returned from French Polynesia just over two months ago and it feels more than an ocean away. Days at sea, meals at an angle, and delicious Tahitian fruit are no longer the norm. However, I do now enjoy regular showers, excellent coffee, and my own bed. Kids at summer camp […]
Gone Sailing - SEA you later! Stories to come after I’ve arrived here:
Recently Published: PNW Sailor Couple Profiles - Seattle is home to a thriving and very social sailing community. Among college age, competitive, or casual sailors it is not uncommon to meet “sailing couples” who spend time together both on and off the water. As most sailors know the dynamics on a sailboat can range from inspiring teamwork to laid back silliness, or tense […]

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