From Scotland to Seattle, the camraderie and curiousities of pub culture thrill me. When it’s rainy, dark and often overcast for months where does everyone gather? The pub, bar, brewery, or cozy living room.

I’m fascinated by beer as a culture and the impact of beer on our culture. There’s always something to toast, unique bars to explore or a new beer to sip.

Ksssh… -   Ksssh… It’s a pretty good sound to accompany a pretty good feeling. The bottle opener on the wall is constant, immobile, physical part of my apartment. The beer in the fridge is temporary, transitory, and part of my life. All the different brands, flavors, and types sometimes are forgettable but the routine of opening […]
NW Moment #1 - When I moved to Oregon six years ago my “California bubble” burst. The West Coast got longer and places like Eugene, Portland, Bend, Seattle, Bellingham, and the San Juan Islands all came to mean something. I bought my first rain jacket and experienced a familiar attitude but distinctly different culture. Life was full of outdoor […]