Travel lets you appreciate the rest of the world and, after you return, your home. During travel, your perspective shifts, simple things are a challenge, and there are discomforting moments. Documenting and sharing these experiences is how I began writing again.

I have backpacked in Western Europe, stared at Soviet statues in Budapest, interned at the Scottish Parliament, road tripped the whole West Coast, drove more than 20,000 miles through 32 states, sailed across the Pacific and wandered throughout Western Washington. Each trip, adventure and story contributes to my perspective, my personality and my story.

Raven’s Roost - I am quite exhausted and sore but also very content. Since disembarking the ferry, we spent two nights at the house where my friends are caretakers. They affectionately call it “Dougland” and it is a mesmerizing place indeed. A fairly well-established homestead, it is just across the Wrangell Narrows from Petersburg and accessible by a […]
Pulling into Petersburg - We are nearing Petersburg after an evening of winding our way through the Wrangell Natrows. I purchased a wonderful, waterproof map of the Inside Passage and Southeast Alaska. I must have pulled it out and poured over it 10 times today! It also includes stories and unique landmarks such as “Your map maker built a cabin […]
M/V Columbia - I have brushed my teeth in a lot of places. In all the bathrooms where I’ve lived, of course. I’ve also brushed them in parking lots, restaurants, hostels, hotels, trains, airports, campsites, friend’s houses, boy’s houses, sailboats, and most recently a 418-foot ferry to Alaska. Boats add a unique element of rolling movement to your teeth brushing […]
Recently Published- The Deep End: A Dinghy Sailor Dives In - Back from the Boat I returned from French Polynesia just over two months ago and it feels more than an ocean away. Days at sea, meals at an angle, and delicious Tahitian fruit are no longer the norm. However, I do now enjoy regular showers, excellent coffee, and my own bed. Kids at summer camp […]

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