Sailing Senseis

You can sail too: Tips from some sailors I know

After most of my life in this sport, here is all of the advice I have for it…
  • Follow your windstincts.
  • Keep practicing! Practice in light wind, practice in heavy wind! Practice in northerlies and practice in southerlies and practice in whatever shit is coming out of the east or west too! Practice with lots of people on the boat and with only one or two people on the boat!
  • Watch your head (OR at the 200 level- know when the boat is sailing in a direction where you should be watching your head).
  • Sail small boats too cause they’ll make you a better big boat sailor.
  • Phones wear floaties or stay tucked away.
  • Sunglasses wear croakies.
  • Learn to speak outboard and by speak I mean curse.
  • Friends don’t let friends dock when they have to pee.

– Jeanne, Always-Enthusiastic-Crew