S91A6589Hiya! My name is Cara Kuhlman, here’s a bit about me:

Sailing has played a huge role in my life. My father and brother introduced me to sailing at a young age. Despite a fear of deep water, their enthusiasm fueled my own. Ever since we’ve shared wonderful experiences on the water and an appreciation for all things wind and boat related.

Among other things, sailing encouraged me to maintain a strong work ethic. You can’t get out on the water without rigging the boat first and be maintaining it long after. It also is important to do your homework, such as looking up the weather conditions or asking for local knowledge.  Learning to sail, and then to race, challenged me. It forced me to recognize what I don’t know and pushes me to keep learning. In sailing there is always more to know and I eagerly apply that to my work and writing.

I also credit sailing with bringing me to Seattle. One summer during college a teammate suggest I teach sailing with her in Seattle. Since then I cannot get enough of the stunning Pacific Northwest and the unique people here. After growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area and attending college in Eugene, Oregon my time in Seattle is an adventure all my own.

Sailing is not my entire identity though. I read stories of all lengths and topics, eat excessive amounts of pepperoni pizza, and never pass up an opportunity to go exploring. I sate my curiosity with frequent visits to Wikipedia, enjoy spending time with new and old friends, and can often be found wearing a boxy sweater drinking a craft beer.

In 2011 I received my BA in International Studies and a Minor in Communication Studies from the University of Oregon. At this time I also graduated from the Robert D. Clark Honors College after researching, writing, and defending my honors thesis addressing Scottish nationalism and the Scottish National Party. Completing this thesis is the most daunting and rewarding project I’ve ever done.

Currently, I am part of the small but stellar GeekWire team where I coordinate advertising, marketing and manage the GeekWire membership program. I regularly contribute to sailing publications such as 48° North and write about travel, beer, and more on my blog.

Depending on the season, you can find me racing with the J24 fleet, researching my future sailboat, snowboarding in the wet Washington snow, spending all my free time with friends or trying to improve my French & cooking skills.

Á plus tard,

Contact me via email at ckuhlcat@gmail.com

Photo by Eric Tra Photo